with Laura Nissen, Dean and Professor, School of Social Work at Portland State University

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With the new year, I thought I’d start a new tradition.  I am an intense “scanner” of the news related to social work and higher education among other things.  From time to time, in previous years, I’d simply send things out when I found them and folks could take them or leave them.   As a method of simplifying your email box, and hopefully promoting some shared discovery and sharing, I’m going to start posting to a “connect” blog that will include various items I’ve collected over the previous month by way of news, resources, and other information.   With your help, I’ll also be including information about positive developments/accomplishments from members of our community as well.  You may recall in a previous email I will especially be depending on all of you for contributions such as:

– a paper/book that is accepted and/or published
– a project that has been approved/initiated or wrapped up
– an award you’ve won
– media that you’re featured in about an issue of interest
– any aspect of your research, service or teaching that you’d just like people to know about (something you’re trying, something you’d love input on, or something you’ve discovered)
– a resource/news item that you think our larger community might have use for or be inspired by
– other important good news you want to share

To share something like this, or simply a resource or website you’d like to share or have mentioned, please send an email to Katie ( and Laura ( that says “Connect” which will alert us to your desire to share something great!    Hope you’ll join in!!  Look forward to connecting!   Special thanks to Katie Cagle in the production and start up of this blog!


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Author: sswdeanconnect

Laura Nissen is Professor and Dean of the School of Social Work at Portland State University.

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