with Laura Nissen, Dean and Professor, School of Social Work at Portland State University

Learn Ferguson (and Beyond) for Social Justice!


As we watch the unfolding news in and around Ferguson during the last 24 hours, it seems a good time to re-dedicate ourselves to some fundamental aspects of our work as changes agents and allies in the work of social justice.   The School of Social Work at Portland State University is a place where learning about and practicing a living anti-racism stance is part of an expression of our ethics.   It is paramount to the wide array of human service and human rights settings in which we live and practice. We stand with all people locally, nationally, tribally and internationally who work for peace, justice and human rights.

Faculty (both in the classroom and in the field) as well as students throughout all four of our academic programs, and our related research and sponsored projects, are encouraged to continue getting involved, learn, teach, and participate in solution-building regarding racial justice (and related interlocking oppressions for vulnerable people) at every level of community life. As a professional school participating in a global network of social work education, we express our ongoing dedication to the elimination of injustice through peaceful and purposeful action.

The current focus and expressions of outrage regarding Ferguson reflect deeper and widespread divisions, inequities and intolerance that persist despite many years of efforts to curb them. With renewed humility and dedication, we continue our shared work to bridge the gap between the ideals of a more just world and our current reality.

In that spirit, I’m including a list of learning resources previously included in this blog.  This is an incomplete list…feel free to add others in the comments section.   Let’s go forward and continue our work of making the world a better place.

Author: sswdeanconnect

Laura Nissen is Professor and Dean of the School of Social Work at Portland State University.

2 thoughts on “Learn Ferguson (and Beyond) for Social Justice!

  1. As always, Laura you are in inspiration! the NAACP is asking for all to sign their petition in support:

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